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    We are offering the 30 hours funding / free childcare with effect from 1st September 2017 and we accept Tax Free Childcare payments


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The Berkshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust nurseries are friendly, professional environments to work in where staff are given the opportunity to develop their childcare skills and progress their careers.

We have medium sized friendly nurseries where the staff know each child and their family well and our nurseries have an excellent reputation within the local community.

The staff teams are strong, supportive and caring and there is a low staff turnover.

There are a number of benefits to working for Jack In The Box nursery.

These are some of the comments made by Jack In The Box staff about why they enjoy working in the nursery.

Leona joined the nursery in February 2010 as an Apprentice Nursery Nurse and she is now employed as an NVQ Level 2 Nursery Assistant who is working towards her NVQ Level 3 qualification.

What does Leona enjoy about her job? "Learning new things, helping with the development of children and being involved with their achievements."

The benefits of working for BHFT are "Working towards a level 3 qualification, good maternity benefits and the training provided by the Trust."

And the benefits of working for Jack In The Box "The nursery has a brilliant, supportive management team who are always willing to help in any way. As a whole team I feel we work well and show support to each other."

Carly joined the nursery in January 2009 as a Nursery Assistant. During her time in the nursery she obtained her NVQ Level 3 and became a Nursery Nurse and then a Team Leader. Carly is currently the Team Leader in the Piglets room for the 2-3 year olds. In 2013 and 2014 she worked as the Deputy Manager on Fridays whilst Joanna Taylor was completing her degree.

Carly "Enjoys watching the children grow, having a strong bond with the children and their families and influencing young lives." She also "Likes getting to know different children with varying abilities" and finds it "rewarding when children achieve."

She feels that the benefits of working for BHFT are "The Trust is flexibile, supportive and there are effective policies and procedures in place. There is support for training and gaining qualifications."" in plac. There is support for training and gaining w

What are the benefits of working for Jack In The Box? "A good, friendly team, there is an 'open door' policy which has created a good bond between staff of all levels." "The children are from a wide variety of backgrounds." and "There is a relaxed working environment."

Sepideh joined the nursery in 2009 as a Nursery Assistant. She enjoys "Interacting with children and helping them develop their social skills."

For Sepideh the benefits of working for BHFT are "Being part of an organisation like the NHS." and "The NHS benefits such as the pension."

And the benefits of working for Jack In The Box are "The location, the care and support that the staff and management provide and the working hours."


The friendships with some children through the time at the nursery have been lovely.  Excellent relationships with the staff have been really valuable particularly when R started doing only one day a week.  She still wanted to come even though she was there so little.

I have had a child at JITB since 2009, and over the last 6 years we have been very happy with our experience.  The management team have been straightforward in their communications and we have a positive relationship. 

Anna has been pivotal in the development of both of our children, she is kind yet firm, always has a smile to welcome them into the setting and we will miss her.

The BHFT fee rate offered has meant that I have been able to return to work after both children successfully, without this discount this would not have happened.

We will miss the whole team, in my view they are all special and have an input into an important period of our children lives so far. 

Mr and Mrs T