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  • JITB 2020 diary dates

    Please see our list of diary dates for the whole of 2020. We hope that you will join us for our many planned activities.


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Development records

At Jack In The Box Nursery we hold personal development records for each child.

Each development profile contains on entry and summative assessments, observations, evaluations, and next steps for learning goals including photographs and art work completed by the child.

Personal development records are confidential and are kept up to date by each child’s key person.

Parents are able to look at their child’s personal profile at any time if they wish. There are opportunities for parents to meet with their child’s key person throughout the year, whether it be to discuss the two year old development check or to look at their child’s progress.

On transition to school, the setting’s Transition Officer will share information with the child’s class teacher. This allows the school to access the child’s stage of learning and development. The term before children start school, we gather some photographs and information about the school and collect uniforms, allowing  each child to make connections with the school before the transition period. If a child moves to another setting, the nursery Transition Officer will also contact the setting to share information that allows children to move nurseries confidently.


My daughter has enjoyed messy play, contact with other children, warm friendly staff, outdoor play and meal times.

I have had excellent feedback from all members of staff. I am always re-assured that my child is well cared for, content and happy.

Thank you to Lee Owen for introducing me to the nursery.

When asked "Do you think that the nursery represents value for money ?" Miss P said I have answered YES as I feel the nursery staff are highly educated in current activities, always expanding on every child’s potential and teaching useable future skills.

Miss P said that she would recommend the nursery to other families.

Miss P