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  • Kiddies' Cabin events

    This is our list of events for 2020. Please take a look and see what the children will be doing this year.


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Our garden

The nursery has two spacious outdoor play areas that boast wide open spaces for the children to explore and play.

Children in the nursery are taken outside at least twice a day. Parents are requested to bring in a sun hat during the summer months for their children and wellington boots, warm clothes and winter hat during the cold weather.



N has enjoyed making friends and having new experiences, like the animal workshops and Norden Farm theatre.

As parents it has been positive to be involved in nursery events, getting to know all the staff over 8 years. We really enjoyed the graduation day!

All the staff are fantastic but special mention to Leigh and Richard over the years and most recently Rachel in Bluebells who has come in with lots of engaging new ideas for the children.

An excellent, loving environment where the children thrive and experience new things. Great preparation for school.

Mr and Mrs S.C