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    This is our list of events for 2020. Please take a look and see what the children will be doing this year.


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Meal times are a very important part of the day and the nursery provides breakfast between 7.30am - 8.00am, a snack at 9.00am, lunch 11.15 am and tea at 3.30pm.

All meals are prepared freshly each day by the chef who is based in the nursery.

Children aged 10 months are introduced to morning snacks, afternoon teas and from 12 months they can have the nursery lunch. Until this time parents are required to provide all food. We do not offer this before because there are so many allergies that are not found until children are introduced to foods and it is safer to do this at home. We will also provide 1/3 pint of cows milk to all children daily in the nursery when they are over 12 months of age.

The children learn to develop their social skills by helping to lay the table and discussing their day over a well balanced meal.

The staff are encouraged to eat with the children to promote interaction, improve social skills and to encourage good table manners.

Read more in the Kiddies' Cabin Food and Healthy Eating Policy

In September 2019 Kiddies' Cabin maintained their 5 Star Rating following an inspection by Environmental Health.

This is our current menu


We know that I really enjoyed the Show and Tell moments, art activities, learning how to count and recognising letters, the relationships with adults and the other children too. It was a very positive experience! 

Unfortunately it is difficult to pick one particular moment that stands out as parents because Kiddies' Cabin had been an amazing constructive, solid and safe environment for our daughter to grow in. It had been, for three and half consecutive years, a place to grow in respect, care and knowledge. With values and standards that we consider to be central for her well being, learning and civic development.

All the staff had been amazing with our daughter but we would like to give a special mention to Megan, Rachel, Chloe, Cerys, Lauren and Chrystal but also to Abbie, Maddie, Maureen and Daniele, for their outstanding commitment, support and contribution on I's learning and behaviour. Thank you all very much!

I feel that the nursery gives value for money and I recommend to friends.