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Our garden

The children attending Little Dragons enjoy the large garden, surrounded by six foot wooden fences on three sides and four foot picket fencing against the nursery building, twice daily throughout the year. We have climbing facilities, stepping logs, a nature garden, a mud kitchen, large sandpit, ride on toys, balls, hoops, play houses etc. on a rubberised safety surface throughout the main garden.

The under 2’s enjoy the use of a smaller garden surrounded by colourful pencil fencing within the main garden.  This garden has a rubberised surface throughout for the babies to play on and is partially shaded by a canopy. They also have a sand pit, wooden tunnel, den area, ride on toys, balls and hoops etc.

Both the 2 to 3 year and the 3 to 5 year rooms have outdoor free flow areas enabling the children to access the outside as an extension to the nursery rooms.


I work as a senior manager in the NHS and although lucky to have found an onsite nursery, we did look at a number of others before making my decision to place our little girl at Little Dragons when she was 1 year old.

The welcome and caring nature of the staff was, and still is, the main attraction for us to the nursery. Our daughter has been with Little Dragons for 2 years now and I am constantly telling friends how lucky we are she is in such a good, caring and attentive nursery.

We receive useful and detailed reports on her progress. She comes home regularly talking about the activities she has been doing, which recently have included phonics! She brings home her art work and talks about her friends, which include the staff. She eats a very healthy diet and I particularly like the effort made to ensure she has daily fresh air and exercise in a very nicely decorated garden and sometimes they also go as far as the park. She looks forward to going to Nursery, which is great.

Thank you for looking after our little girl so well.

Mr and Mrs F