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The Berkshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust nurseries are friendly, professional environments to work in where staff are given the opportunity to develop their childcare skills and progress their careers.

We have medium sized friendly nurseries where the staff know each child and their family well and our nurseries have an excellent reputation within the local community.

The staff teams are strong, supportive and caring and there is a low staff turnover.

There are a number of benefits to working for Little Dragons nursery.

These are some of the comments made by Little Dragons staff about why they enjoy working in the nursery.

Sue is the Nursery Cook and she joined Little Dragons in January 2005.

She enjoys "Cooking healthy, nutritious food and empty plates at the end of the meal."

Sue feel that the benefits of working for BHFT are "Fair treatment wih good working conditions."

And the benefits of working for Little Dragons "Working in a friendly, happy atmosphere."

Zoe joined the nursery in October 2013 as a Nursery Apprentice. She has since gained her NVQ Level 2 in childcare and is now working towards her Level 3 qualification.

She enjoys "Building relationships with the children and helping with their development."

She feels that the benefits of working for BHFT are "The automatic pension scheme that was put in place."

And the benefits of working for Little Dragons "All of the staff are really caring.", "Easy access to the nursery." and "The bond between staff and parents is strong."

Lorna joined Little Dragons in September 2003 as a Nursery Assistant. She is now a Team Leader of the Green Room for the children aged 3 months - 2 years. Since joining the nursery Lorna has completed her NVQ level 3 in Childcare and a Level 5 Diploma in Management and Leadership.

Lorna enjoys "Working with a great team and being involved in the management team.", "I also enjoy working alongside newly qualified staff and apprentices, giving them an opportunity to learn and develop in their career."

What does Lorna feel the benefits of working for BHFT are "Having a very supportive management team that are very approachable." and "Paying into a pension."

And the benefits of working for Little Dragons "Working amongst a lovely, dedicated team always bringing new ideas to each other and all having the nursery's best interest as a priority." and "Working closely with supportive parents and other professionals."

Kirsty joined the nursery in September 2008 as a Nursery Apprentice. She has worked her way up to a Nursery Assistant and is now a Nursery Nurse.

She enjoys "Working with a lovely big team of staff." and "The social interaction with children, staff and parents."

What are the benefits of working for BHFT "Gaining qualifications."

And Kirsty feels the benefits of working for Little Dragons are "I'm able to work with different age groups.", "I have furthered my qualifications quickly and efficiently." and "The nursery and all management and parents are so supportive."

Liam joined Little Dragons in May 2014 as a Nursery Nurse. He is currently working as the Team Leader in Blue Room for the 3-5 year olds, covering maternity leave.

Liam enjoys "Working within the team I am in as everyone is so friendly." "I also enjoy working with Blue Room's children as I really can make a difference in their development, helping them in their journey to school."

Liam feels that the benefits of working for BHFT are "There are great opportunities to progress and develop personally and I am more comfortable about the future due to the pension scheme."

And the benefits of working for Little Dragons "The fantastic staff who are all so friendly and welcoming, they were brilliant at settling me in to a new job.", "The office staff have been so supportive and have made me comfortable in my room.", "The nursery is also excellent for allowing staff the freedom to use our imaginations and use all available resources to create the best activities from which the children benefit."

Michelle joined Little Dragons in September 2007 as a Nursery Nurse. She has undertaken a degree during her time at Little Dragons and gained the Early Years Professional Status. Michelle is currently on maternity leave from her role as the Team Leader in the Blue Room and the Early Years Professional for the nursery.

Michelle says "I love running the Blue Room and the challenges it gives me, I enjoy leading a team.", "The children provide me with challenges which I enjoy helping them with so that they can progress ready for starting school."

For Michelle, the benefits of working for BHFT are "I feel well looked after and appreciated.", "There is a competitive salary and a pension scheme."

And the benefits of working for Little Dragons "I love working at Little Dragons. They have provided me with the opportunities to develop my knowledge and work as part of a great team." "They have also given me the opportunity to be a Team Leader in the 3-5's room which I've always wanted."


The twins have changed so much since joining the nursery - discipline, speech and social interaction has been amazing. They have grown so much since being there and I am really sad that they have to leave (the family were moving abroad).

I have been happy seeing the kids so well behaved, the way they interact with others and the love for the nursery staff has definitely been a positive experience for us.

Lorna & team, Kirsty, Erin, Keira, Zoe, Cristine, Jack, Michelle,you guys are the best!!! the bond the girls have with you is truly touching. Lorna as mentioned before you’re a star, not sure what would I have done without you all these months.

Lil Dragons in my personal opinion has over exceeded our expectations way more than I could imagine. Keep up the good work!

I would recommend the nursery without any hesitation, I have loved the nursery as much as the girls!

When this family returned from living abroad, the children returned to the nursery and settled straight back into life at Little Dragons.