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Funded only attendance

PLEASE NOTE that there are a limited number of funded only places available at Little Dragons nursery

Please contact the Nursery Manager, Rebecca Croft on 0118 958 5316 to discuss your requirements

Free early learning for 2 year olds

2 year olds from families in receipt of certain benefits or with an income of £16,190 or less per year are eligible for a free early learning place. Your child will be able to start their free place from the beginning of the term after their 2nd birthday providing that a place is available for them at Little Dragons.

Funded only two year olds attend the nursery for 15 hours per week. This attendance is term time only in line with the Reading Borough Council term dates and in addition there are five inset days per year which are chosen by the nursery. Therefore children attend for a total of 38 weeks / 570 hours per year.

If your child is eligible to receive the 2 year old funding you will usually receive a letter however, you can complete an online application form and more information is available on the Reading Borough Council website or by calling the Family Information Service on 0118 937 3777 option 2.

Free early learning for 3 and 4 year olds

All 3 year old children are eligible to receive a free early learning place for 15 hours per week from the term after their third birthday. Some children are eligible to receive 30 hours funding per week, for more details please see the Childcare Choices website.

At Little Dragons children can attend for 15 or 30 hours per week, term time only. This will be for two (15 hours) or four (30 hours) 7.5 hour days. Days and hours of attendance are flexible and are by agreement with the Nursery Manager, Rebecca Croft.

The term time only attendance is in line with the Reading Borough Council term dates and in addition there are five inset days per year which are chosen by the nursery. Therefore children attend for a total of 38 weeks / 570 or 1,140 hours per year.

2018-2019 term dates

The inset dates for the 2018-2019 year will be the week commencing 3rd June 2019.

Application form for funded only attendance

Meal times are a very important part of the day and, depending on the times that your child attends Little Dragons, we provide breakfast between 7.30am - 8.15am, snacks at 9.20am, lunch at 11.30am and afternoon tea at 3.30pm.

Staff sit with the children during meal times and encourage good table manners - the correct way to hold their cutlery, saying please and thank you and appropriate social interaction such as talking quietly.


I think the staff are what make Little Dragons a lovely place. I saw about 10 different nurseries before choosing Little Dragons and it was the staff that swayed it for me. I remember on my second visit one of the staff members had remembered B’s name.

I also felt that the staff engaged with the children. They were talking and interacting very well with them which is what I was looking for and which I didn’t see as a highlight in many of the other nurseries I saw.

Staff have been very caring and supportive of B and they seem to know him well. Staff provide lots of varied and fun activities every day.

The staff have been very flexible and accommodating when I have asked for extra days. Staff have been reassuring and always encouraged me to phone if I needed to see how B was doing.

I would like to give special mention to Bradley, B’s key worker, who has been absolutely brilliant throughout his time at nursery. He has been enthusiastic, caring, supportive, fun and positive. B has really felt settled in nursery because of Bradley’s support. I have really felt B is in safe hands.

I would also like to mention all the staff in the Green Room who have all been friendly and supportive towards B. It is lovely how they all welcome him when he arrives. It is a lovely atmosphere because of this.

Considering all the materials needed to do the activities and the food B receives, I would say the nursery is good value for money.

Mr and Mrs R