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  • JITB newsletter

    Jack In The Box have an Autumn newsletter for parents


  • Spaces for under 2's

    Kiddies' Cabin in Maidenhead currently have places available for children aged under 2 years.


  • Kiddies' Cabin events

    This is our list of events for 2020. Please take a look and see what the children will be doing this year.


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Illness notification form

Children who are unwell cannot come into the nursery or must be collected from the nursery earlier than usual and this will be decided by the Nursery Manager or Deputy Manager. Whilst we appreciate that it can be a difficult time for working parents we have to take into consideration the health and well being of all of the children who attend the nursery. To help prevent the spread of illness staff with communicable diseases will not work in the nursery whilst they are infectious.

To notify the nursery of your child's illness electronically please complete the form below and submit it to your child's nursery.

Further details of infectious illnesses and exclusion periods can be found on the Infection Control Table

If you would prefer to speak to a member of staff or require advice regarding your child's illness please telephone the nursery.

Jack In The Box 01753 635480

Kiddies' Cabin 01753 638733

Little Dragons 0118 9585316

This form is to be completed if your child is absent from nursery due to illness

Please complete all fields marked with an asterisk *.

Illness notification form
Illness Tick to indicate your child has or you suspect that they may have this illness and add any details


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