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  • LD new tel number

    The Little Dragons telephone number has now changed to 0118 9044638


  • KC new tel number

    The Kiddies' Cabin telephone number has now changed to 0118 9044637


  • JITB new tel number

    The Jack In The Box telephone number has now changed to 0118 9044636


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Exit questionnaires

We continually strive to improve the service that our nurseries provide. It is our policy that upon leaving the nursery we ask each parent to complete an exit questionnaire to provide us with feedback on the nursery and to help us improve the service in the future.

I would be most grateful if you could please complete the questionnaire and then click on the submit button below. The questionnaire will then be submitted to me.

Thank you

Katie Baker, Nursery Business Administrator

Day Nurseries Netmums