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Meal times are a very important part of the day and the nursery provides breakfast between 7.30am - 8.00am, a snack at 9.00am, lunch starting at 11.30am and tea at 3.15pm. All meals are prepared freshly each day by the chef who is based on the nursery premises. Once children are approximately 6 months of age, in line with health visitor advice, children are able to start solid food. Children are able to start on the nursery menu when they join the nursery from 1 year of age. We also provide 1/3 pint of cow’s milk to all children in the nursery daily when they are over 12 months of age.

The children learn to develop their social skills by helping to lay the table and discussing their day over a well balanced meal.

The staff are encouraged to eat with the children to promote interaction, develop social skills and to encourage good table manners.

Read more in the Jack In The Box Food and Healthy Eating Policy

This is our current nursery menu

For information about weaning your baby please see the start4life webpages


A is leaving as we are moving overseas, going back to India as per our work assignments.

He has learned a lot of good habits and became self-independent. He is now enriched with a lot of great values which is really very useful.

We have learned a lot of parenting advice which has enriched us for the long run. I cannot thank you enough all the staff of JITB for that.

I would like to thank all the staff members and especially Richard and Sana who have helped a lot to get A settle down in the nursery in the initial days.

We recommend the nursery.