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Parent partnership

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This is our Parents As Partners document

Jack In The Box Day Nursery Home Observation Record

We would like to involve our parents in identifying areas that they would like their child to begin developing whilst within the nursery. Please take the time to complete the following information and the submitted form will be sent to the nursery electronically. This information will be passed to your child's key carer to enable them to design suitable activities to be included on the monthly planning cycle for your child’s age group.

Please note this information will contribute to the overall learning journey of your child whilst at Jack In The Box.


A is leaving as we are moving overseas, going back to India as per our work assignments.

He has learned a lot of good habits and became self-independent. He is now enriched with a lot of great values which is really very useful.

We have learned a lot of parenting advice which has enriched us for the long run. I cannot thank you enough all the staff of JITB for that.

I would like to thank all the staff members and especially Richard and Sana who have helped a lot to get A settle down in the nursery in the initial days.

We recommend the nursery.