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Our garden

The nursery has two spacious outdoor play areas that boast wide open spaces for the children to explore and play.

Children in the nursery are taken outside at least twice a day. Parents are requested to bring in a sun hat during the summer months for their children and wellington boots, warm clothes and winter hat during the cold weather.



I just wanted to say a big thank you to the staff in E's room, she has learnt so much at nursery it is astounding. I was pretty pleased when she learnt to count to ten, then last week she came home and started singing the alphabet song, as you can imagine I held my breath with anticipation as she reeled off each letter, there was then a slight pause at the letter 'p' and then she carried on all the way to 'z'.

It is such a delight to see her absorbing information at such a phenomenal rate, the staff in her room are clearly doing an excellent job of teaching her new skills. E loves nursery and all the staff and children so please pass on my thanks and recognition for all their hard work.

Mr and Mrs W