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  • Spaces for under 2's

    Kiddies' Cabin in Maidenhead currently have places available for children aged under 2 years.


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Our garden

The nursery has two spacious outdoor play areas that boast wide open spaces for the children to explore and play.

Children in the nursery are taken outside at least twice a day. Parents are requested to bring in a sun hat during the summer months for their children and wellington boots, warm clothes and winter hat during the cold weather.




E is leaving to start school. During her time in the nursery she has experienced consistent staffing, care, compassion and social interaction, and fun.

The most positive experience for me as a parent is feeling safe, my child is happy and loving her time and developing with people I trust.

Chloe and Charlotte had the most long lasting and positive influence on E.

I have recommended the nursery to family and friends and others have joined as a result.

Leigh was really supportive of me and that means a lot to me. I loved the summer and Christmas Fairs, loved the graduation, loved the carol service and so did E. It really boosted her confidence, I could not believe how proudly she stood there and sang.