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    This is our list of events for 2020. Please take a look and see what the children will be doing this year.


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Our garden

The nursery has two spacious outdoor play areas that boast wide open spaces for the children to explore and play.

Children in the nursery are taken outside at least twice a day. Parents are requested to bring in a sun hat during the summer months for their children and wellington boots, warm clothes and winter hat during the cold weather.



The children are leaving the nursery as the family are moving abroad permanently.

The positives for our children - the staff, the interaction with all the carers and management. The enthusiasm of management and the attention to detail of both children and knowing them so well.

The positives for us - seeing all the children at play in the gardens which are child friendly.

We feel that they nursery represents value for money. Whilst we were not subject to any of the NHS discounts, the costs we paid were very competitive.

We would recommend the nursery, as they say on the Talent Shows, “You have 4 yes’s”!!!

From the first visit to Kiddies, Cabin when selecting a nursery, we felt that it was the staff which set apart the KC from the other nurseries which we looked at. The enthusiasm and interaction with both children and parents was a positive experience and an environment that we were comfortable to leave both children in.
Three years on and we have not been disappointed with the selection. The facilities are purpose built and child friendly with two outdoor areas which can be used most of the year. We have no hesitation with recommending Kiddies' Cabin.

Mr & Mrs M