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    We invite you to view our beautiful nursery and incredible gardens set in the grounds of St Marks Hospital Maidenhead


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Our garden

The nursery has two spacious outdoor play areas that boast wide open spaces for the children to explore and play.

Children in the nursery are taken outside at least twice a day. Parents are requested to bring in a sun hat during the summer months for their children and wellington boots, warm clothes and winter hat during the cold weather.




V is leaving to go to school in September 2020.  His development in all aspects has been noticed. His manners and kindness where he says thank you and please has been the most heart warming.

I've benefitted most from parents evening to showcase what V has done and the progress he has made and the summer fetes bringing kids and parents together.

I would like to mention Anaisa, she's V's key carer but I remember when she has joined and was soo quiet, seeing her over time come out of her shell and really be there for the kids is a lovely thing to see. Its difficult to mention one member of staff in particular as all of them have played a positive role during the time V has been at Kiddies' Cabin.

I think the nursery is good value and I definitely recommend Kiddies' Cabin.

I want to thank all the staff at Kiddies' Cabin for the years of happiness. It will definitely be emotional when V leaves and I will forever cherish the memories and I know V will too. Thank you for being there throughout my journey and supportive of my changed circumstances. Fingers crossed, I could be back with a new addition!