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Development records

At Kiddies’ Cabin we hold development records on each child. These contain information, observations and dates regarding learning and development goals reached by the individual child along with photos and examples of art work.

These records are confidential and are regularly kept up to date by each child’s key worker. If at any time the child’s parent wishes to view their records they are more than welcome and if preferred a meeting can be organised for viewing and discussion.

Every month the child’s key carer will use the developmental records information to assess where a child is on a developmental stage and decide which areas of development to focus on next. We believe that parents, as the child’s primary carer have a key role to play in this process and are invited to make suggestions as to the direction of the child’s development, in partnership with the key carer.

Twice a year parents are invited to meet with their child’s key carer to look at the developmental folder and discuss their child’s progress during a parents evening.


N has enjoyed making friends and having new experiences, like the animal workshops and Norden Farm theatre.

As parents it has been positive to be involved in nursery events, getting to know all the staff over 8 years. We really enjoyed the graduation day!

All the staff are fantastic but special mention to Leigh and Richard over the years and most recently Rachel in Bluebells who has come in with lots of engaging new ideas for the children.

An excellent, loving environment where the children thrive and experience new things. Great preparation for school.

Mr and Mrs S.C