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Kiddies' Cabin parents

In addition to the information available for all parents in the 'Parents' section at the top of the page, this page contains information and paperwork for Kiddies' Cabin parents.

The Kiddies' Cabin Collection Form and Home Or Carers Incident Reporting Form can be printed, completed and returned to the nursery office.


A is leaving to go to school.  He has enjoyed making lovely friends and being happy!

It has been positive knowing my child will be well cared for.

Richard is fantastic, always smiling. A has really benefitted from having a male role model at the nursery. Chloe and Rachel have also been fantastic.

Compared to other nurseries in the area Kiddies' Cabin is competitively priced.  Great to have a purpose built building, especially the outside area.

Thank you Kiddies' Cabin for taking care of A so well !!