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    Kiddies' Cabin currently has some places available for children aged under 2 years, from September. Please click for further information.


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    This is the Kiddies' Cabin list of nursery events for 2019


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Kiddies' Cabin parents

In addition to the information available for all parents in the 'Parents' section at the top of the page, this page contains information and paperwork for Kiddies' Cabin parents.

The Kiddies' Cabin Collection Form and Home Or Carers Incident Reporting Form can be printed, completed and returned to the nursery office.


Z is leaving to go to school and she has had an amazing time at Kiddies' Cabin. She loves being star of the day, taking part in the nursery nativity. The encouragement and support she has received throughout her time at the nursery, but especially in the Bluebell room have been appreciated. Z was especially excited to have been Star of the Week at nursery!

The nursery involves parents in their child's learning development. We have enjoyed attending the nativity and the Christmas parties!

I cannot pick out just one member of staff at Kiddies' Cabin! From Leigh and Richard who always give us a cheery welcome or wave us off in the evening, to the girls who all look after Z in Bluebell. Z raves about Saresh and Rachel. They are so kind and encouraging towards her. She is very, very fond of everyone!

We appreciate all that Kiddies' Cabin has done for Z during her time at the nursery. The staff are helpful, kind and do their very best to encourage the children’s development. It feels 'warm' and we will be sad to say goodbye for a while until our youngest joins later in 2016. We wish all the staff the very best for the future!