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    This is our list of events for 2020. Please take a look and see what the children will be doing this year.


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Kiddies' Cabin parents

In addition to the information available for all parents in the 'Parents' section at the top of the page, this page contains information and paperwork for Kiddies' Cabin parents.

The Kiddies' Cabin Collection Form and Home Or Carers Incident Reporting Form can be printed, completed and returned to the nursery office.


I have been meaning to write to you for a long time, so sorry that this is long over-due. I felt that it was important to say a big thank you.

We have been so happy with Kiddies' Cabin and the staff since M started, you have all made the very difficult challenge of leaving M while we work, much easier. We have never felt worried about leaving M, or felt that she was unhappy or discontented. She loves coming to nursery every day!

I have spoken to friends who have had terrible experiences with other nurseries and feel really concerned about leaving their children. I'm pleased to say that, although we wish we could be at home with M, we always feel happy leaving her in your care and knowing that she is safe, secure and happy.

I have recently recommended Kiddies' Cabin to two friends who are looking for childcare and hope that I can recommend you again in the future! (although your waiting list might be getting a little long!)

Thank you so much, and keep up the good work!

Mr and Mrs F