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Settling in and beyond

Settling in sessions

Once the deposit payment has been received the child’s allocated key person will contact the parent to arrange the first settling in session. We like to book these sessions over a two week period before the start date so that there isn’t a big gap between visits and starting. We require the children to attend 3 settling in sessions and there is no charge made for this attendance.

We encourage parents to stay on site for the first two visits each of which are an hour long, you will be required to fill in the necessary starter paperwork during the first visit and have time to talk about routines and daily nursery life. These visits are also a good opportunity for the child to see the parent bond with the staff so reinforcing their own new bond with their key person and become at ease with their new surroundings.

The third hour long visit is usually without the parent giving the child an opportunity to experience being away from their parent whist in their new surroundings with their new friends.

Every child is an individual and if the child is finding it hard to separate from the parent we can arrange one or two additional short visits with or without the parent before the child’s start date.

Key Person

Each child is allocated a Key Person when they start the nursery or change nursery rooms. This staff member will work closely with the child planning appropriate activities for their ability and to encourage and promote their development.

The Key Person will monitor the child’s development, add important milestones, achievements, WOW! moments and observations to their individual Learning Journeys and liaise with the parents at the beginning and end of the day. In addition, they will work with any other professionals that may also be involved with the child’s development and care.

The Key Person will meet with parents three times a year during Parents Evenings to discuss their child’s progress.


M has enjoyed the amount of outdoor play that has been provided and the opportunities for creative play.

My experience in each room at Little Dragons has been a very positive one. The staff are consistently friendly and helpful and show a real interest in each child’s development and individual needs. I have enjoyed seeing M’s confidence grow and her ability to form positive relationships with staff and children has been lovely to witness.

Lorna has made both me and M feel very valued and listened to. She has been incredibly caring and interested in M’s development throughout her time in blue room. I would also like to mention Bradley's approach with the children which is like no other – always friendly to both children and parents, very compassionate and responsive to the children's needs and his attitude to work is admirable. I will really miss seeing Bradley each week!

I have already recommended Little Dragons to friends and colleagues and will continue to do so.