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Learning Journeys

The Learning Journey

The Learning Journey is each child’s individual story of their time at nursery. It is full of examples of art work, photo cards of the child’s achievements and WOW! moments. There is also growth information such as hand and foot prints and fun activities for children to measure their height.

The Learning Journey includes information from the very first day each child starts the nursery and it is added to continually by the child’s Key Person.

These are fascinating for the children to look at and are also enjoyable for the child to be involved in adding information to themselves. We also encourage parents to get involved with the Learning Journey and they are lovely for the parents to have at the end of their child’s time at nursery.



J has had a great time with the various activities. 

Her key person Bradley was very caring.  J was very affectionate with him and likes Bradley a lot.

She had good food, sensory activities and her individual development has been lovely to see.

I think the nursery represents value for money and I love the way they maintained a record of the very valuable moments for a parent.

We recommend the nursery and would stay if we weren't moving abroad.  J had the best time in an excellent nursery. 

M.Y & S.G