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Fee rates

Where one or more parents in a family work for Berkshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust they will be placed on the BHFT rate. Proof of employment will be required to be placed on a BHFT fee rate.

The Allied Partner rate is for parents who are employed by any other NHS organisation, GPs and their staff, dentists and their staff, any police employee, any fire brigade employee, students training within the NHS but not actually employed by an NHS Trust, staff in schools, colleges and universities within a local borough in Berkshire (independent schools are not included) and employees of a local council within Berkshire.

To be placed on the Allied Partner rate proof of employment is required.

Parents employed by any organisation not already listed will be placed on the NON NHS rate.

Fees sheets valid FROM 1st April 2020;

BHFT 2020 fees

Allied Partner 2020 fees

Non NHS 2020 fees

Nursery Business Administrator

Katie Baker is the Nursery Business Administrator for the three BHFT nurseries in Berkshire. She deals with all aspects of the nursery fees and is always happy to assist parents and guardians with any queries.

Katie can be contacted as follows -

Tel: 07789 374217
Email: katie.baker@berkshire.nhs.uk

For full details of the nursery fees please see the current fees sheets above and Nursery Fees Policy below.

If you have any queries regarding the fees please contact Katie Baker or the Nursery Manager.

Details of how we offer the 30 hours free childcare are shown on the fees sheets. More information on eligibility and how to apply is available on the Childcare Choices website.

Nursery Fees Policy

Admissions and Notice Policy

Information regarding application forms

Application form for fee paying attendance

Fees are calculated on a monthly basis and the same fee is payable each month throughout the year. For full time attendance there is a monthly fee that is a reduction on the daily rate. For part time attendance the monthly fees are calculated as follows; daily rate times by number of days/sessions attended in a week times by 51 (weeks that the nursery is open for) and divided by twelve.

If a child joins or leaves the nursery part way through a month the fees will be calculated using the daily rate.

The nursery fees are charged and paid in arrears and invoices are sent towards the end of each month. All fees are to be paid by the 10th of the following month at the latest.

Fees reduce after a child’s second and birthday and for the purpose of this calculation birthdays that fall between the 1st-15th day of the month will reduce in that month and birthdays that fall between the 16th-31st day of the month will reduce in the following month.


Upon being offered a place in a Berkshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust (BHFT) nursery you will be asked to pay a deposit equal to one month’s fees directly into our bank account or by credit/debit card. Please note that no part of the deposit can be paid by childcare voucher or Tax Free Childcare. Payment of the deposit will secure the place for your child and set up an account for future invoices.

Payment of fees

BHFT staff on the BHFT rate are required to pay their fees by salary deduction, please complete the salary deduction form and return it to the Nursery Manager prior to you child joining the nursery. Fees may also be paid by childcare voucher or Tax Free Childcare.

All other fees must be paid for by standing order, online, by childcare voucher, by Tax Free Childcare or any other electronic method of payment. Prior to your child’s start date the Nursery Manager will inform you of the fees payable for the first month’s attendance as well as the usual monthly fees thereafter.


 I is leaving to go to school in September 2016.

When asked on the exit questionnaire 'please describe the most positive experiences that your child has had during their time in the nursery', his mother responded;

Oh so numerous! Continuity of care from dedicated and professional staff who all know him. Support at each stage of his development. Trips out of nursery and a range of learning experiences within it, including visits from police, animals, creepie-crawlies!, theatre, dance, trying foods and experiencing traditions from all over the world. A lot of time to play outside as well as indoor activity, a lot of craft opportunities.

And for 'please describe the most positive experiences that you have had during your child's time in the nursery'; 

I have benefitted from the wisdom and experience of the staff, who have helped me get through difficult stages in I's development (potty training, tantrums, behaviour problems). I have had feedback on how he is progressing. I knew from the moment he started with them that Little Dragons' staff would look after him while I had to work.  

I really think that ALL of the staff are quite exceptional and would really hate to think that by singling anyone out the others might not think I haven't appreciated the skills they have. Louise is so kind and naturally able to pick up on the needs of the children around her, reacting instinctively, it is humbling to see. Christine has such a lot of experience and a fantastic range of exciting activities - I've borrowed a few! Kirsty has been a constant in I's life throughout his time in nursery and gave him the stability and support that meant I could leave him without worrying. He absolutely adores her. Lorna is a model of sanity and good sense...I have never seen her flustered. 

Dr M said that's he feels the nursery represents value for money and I am well aware of the difficulties nurseries face at the moment. I have never resented paying for the care my children have received whilst at Little Dragons.  

I have recommended the nursery to friends locally and continue to do so. I visited several nurseries in the area before finding Little Dragons - I am very happy that I made the right decision in sending both of my children here. 

I applaud the management on creating and keeping a team of fantastic individuals who all seem very happy to be working for you.

Dr M