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I don’t know whether there is enough space here for the positives for A's time at Little Dragons. Everything is positive!

The support and guidance that he has had has enabled his learning to grow rapidly. We believe that the speed of his development has a lot to do with the attention that he has had over the past 11 months.

His speech has come along very well, he is competent in eating and drinking by himself, he has become a very independent little chap, but still very loving at the same time. He has learnt many new words and has started potty training!

The food that is provided is excellent, with a good variety. A good range of activities are provided and A has come home with a huge variety of artwork!

Bradley and the girls in the green room are amazing with A, it is obvious to us that they have looked after him and are teaching him well.

I would definitely give the nursery a mark of outstanding!

Mr and Mrs R