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Kiddies' Cabin testimonials

Mr M

After visiting a number of Pre-school/nurseries in the Maidenhead area we settled on Kiddies Cabin for three key reasons.

The building is purpose built as a pre-school, whereas others visited were either converted houses on two or three levels or buildings that were not originally intended for childcare.

Kiddies Cabin has two sizeable gardens with ample decking and a covered area to allow the children as much outdoor exercise and fresh air as they can get. This space is accessed through large double opening doors that doubles to ensure fresh air is circulated through the classroom. Something that I believe will help to alleviate bugs and germs that blight very young children on a regular basis in childcare.

Finally, the decision to go with Kiddies Cabin was made so much easier by the passion Richard (the Manager) showed whilst giving us a guided tour, he really cares for all the children and the school which he runs.

Two months later after our son started, my wife and I are both very pleased with all the staff and the choice we made for our two year old.

Mrs H

Kiddies’ Cabin provides excellent care for my daughter, has great indoor and outdoor facilities and offers a good variety of food - she loves going there!

The staff are so resourceful - they have unlimited ideas for new crafts and activities and keep the children completely occupied. They also have a great sense of humour and have lots of fun with the children. All of the staff are friendly and make time for you should you have any questions. They know each child and their parents, and the key carers especially have an in-depth knowledge of each child's personality, likes and dislikes. This helps ensure transitions between rooms are smooth and well informed.

There is excellent daily communication with parents, which offers great harmonisation between nursery and home life, and monthly newsletters provide a broader overview of the whole nursery and advise of future events!

In short, Kiddies Cabin' helps to produce happy, confident and well-mannered children and we will have no hesitation in sending our second daughter there too!

Ms W and Mr R

J loves being star of the day, it is always a cause for celebration in our house!

We have enjoyed seeing J learn and develop, the regular feedback and learning journals/weekend books are lovely and an insight into his nursery life. We always like to attend the summer fetes and social events and love the nativity.

The staff are so friendly and greet J even when he is not in their room it is reassuring that you are leaving your child in a safe and friendly environment. Linda has been a constant friendly caring and reassuring person throughout our time at Kiddies' Cabin, she really is lovely.

Thanks to Leigh and Richard, nothing is ever too much trouble for them. I recommend the nursery to all my friends. We are so sad to be leaving such a lovely nursery (child was going to school).


My daughter has enjoyed going to the park, visits from the firemen and similar activities that break the daily routine.

I loved the first summer fete when we joined and they had ponies! Christmas parties are also very nice. The best has been seeing A and her class performance of the Nativity, truly special for us and my family. Great job from Bluebell class!

I would recommend the nursery - both my kids have felt happy in the nursery throughout the years spent here and they really care for some members of the staff, they do a really good job educating them, teaching them and having fun with them!


I have noticed that A is more confident with other children when in parks for example. He will happily go and play with children that look his age, and even others that look and are probably older! He enjoys doing artwork at home and I believe that is as a result of the teachings at nursery.

I could leave A at nursery confident that he was safe and well looked after and that he was enjoying himself. This was obvious when it was home time and he was reluctant to come home immediately, always wanting to hang around and continue playing a little bit longer.

All of the staff have been accommodating and friendly to myself, and very good with A.

I would recommend the nursery because it's warm, friendly and has approachable staff. In addition, I like the activities that A has participated in and the projects that he did.

Mr and Mrs C

E enjoys attending nursery and has developed her skills in all areas. She has grown in confidence and often talks about the children and adults in her class group.

All the members of staff are caring and nurturing, whilst maintaining a high level of professionalism and expertise. We have been very pleased with how both our children have progressed during their time at Kiddies’ Cabin.

We have found the staff members to be very approachable and supportive. We would like to thank Emma, Abi and Ranj for working hard with us to help E separate from me in the mornings!