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Little Dragons testimonials

Mr and Mrs M

I wanted to give some feedback on Leah after I spent some time with her at the parents' evening tonight. We were really pleased when it was confirmed that she would be A's key worker in the Red room and my conversation with her tonight confirmed why.

Leah clearly loves her job and was able to talk extensively about A with passion and enthusiasm. She gave very insightful feedback on her - how she plays with other children, her interests, learning styles, abilities and personality. It was really reassuring and pleasing to hear how much she obviously enjoys A's company - a feeling that absolutely goes both ways!

Leah was able to paint a very vivid picture of their time together, providing many examples of the activities they do together, A's developmental milestones and the next targets for her. This was all backed up with the file which we have borrowed overnight to read more thoroughly.

We are reliant on the feedback provided by the team at Little Dragons and conversations such as this really help to bring us into the time which A spends there. It was particularly pleasing to hear her personality and nuances at nursery being described to be just as we know them at home - I am convinced this is a reflection of how comfortable she feels in the environment of the nursery and in Leah and the team's care.

Please pass on our feedback to Leah - she is a real asset to Little Dragons. 

Mr and Mrs F

I work as a senior manager in the NHS and although lucky to have found an onsite nursery, we did look at a number of others before making my decision to place our little girl at Little Dragons when she was 1 year old. The welcome and caring nature of the staff was, and still is, the main attraction for us to the nursery.

Our daughter has been with Little Dragons for 2 years now and I am constantly telling friends how lucky we are she is in such a good, caring and attentive nursery.

We receive useful and detailed reports on her progress. She comes home regularly talking about the activities she has been doing, which recently have included phonics! She brings home her art work and talks about her friends, which include the staff. She eats a very healthy diet and I particularly like the effort made to ensure she has daily fresh air and exercise in a very nicely decorated garden and sometimes they also go as far as the park. She looks forward to going to Nursery, which is great.

Thank you for looking after our little girl so well.

Dr M

I think you (the staff) are all fabulous without exception. You all bring different attributes to a very challenging job. I love the way that every member of staff knows my child by name and that you work so well as a team.

When asked 'Would you recommend the nursery to your friends & family?' Dr M responded; Without doubt. I think few other nurseries have such a low turnover in staff members and that continuity is maintained – a big criticism friends have of other nurseries. I think the staff are hugely supportive and caring and yet challenge children effectively.

I very much appreciate the family events held in non-nursery time and how staff are willing to contribute to these – that doesn’t seem to happen elsewhere. I have complete confidence in the nursery and feel my children are safe, happy and secure.

Mrs W

Both my children have attended Little Dragons and both have really enjoyed their time with the nursery.

Lorna and Kirsty looked after them in the baby room and did a wonderful job of keeping me up to date with their development milestones and gave me every confidence that they could meet the individual needs of my children. They encouraged them and supported them to achieve small but significant goals independently which I feel is really important.

As my older child moved through the different rooms I felt reassured by the conscientious approach of other members of staff such as Michelle in the toddler room.

In summary I have been very happy with Little Dragons and love the consistency with staff. Thank you Little Dragons.


The twins have changed so much since joining the nursery - discipline, speech and social interaction has been amazing. They have grown so much since being there and I am really sad that they have to leave (the family were moving abroad).

I have been happy seeing the kids so well behaved, the way they interact with others and the love for the nursery staff has definitely been a positive experience for us.

Lorna & team, Kirsty, Erin, Keira, Zoe, Cristine, Jack, Michelle,you guys are the best!!! the bond the girls have with you is truly touching. Lorna as mentioned before you’re a star, not sure what would I have done without you all these months.

Lil Dragons in my personal opinion has over exceeded our expectations way more than I could imagine. Keep up the good work!

I would recommend the nursery without any hesitation, I have loved the nursery as much as the girls!

Mrs E

As an employee of Berkshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust I feel very strongly that Little Dragons has been an invaluable element of me being able to work. I have absolute faith in the staff & my second child is currently attending the nursery.

The staff are always approachable, highly motivated towards the children's development and fun.

My older child has recently started school & I feel Little Dragons helped to develop her in many aspects to be ready & she is currently thriving at school.

Mr and Mrs R

I don’t know whether there is enough space here for the positives for A's time at Little Dragons. Everything is positive!

The support and guidance that he has had has enabled his learning to grow rapidly. We believe that the speed of his development has a lot to do with the attention that he has had over the past 11 months.

His speech has come along very well, he is competent in eating and drinking by himself, he has become a very independent little chap, but still very loving at the same time. He has learnt many new words and has started potty training!

The food that is provided is excellent, with a good variety. A good range of activities are provided and A has come home with a huge variety of artwork!

Bradley and the girls in the green room are amazing with A, it is obvious to us that they have looked after him and are teaching him well.

I would definitely give the nursery a mark of outstanding !

Ms H and Mr M

Our son loves playing in the garden and enjoyed the water play as well as taking part in messy activities.

Just knowing that our children were happy and safe at the nursery has been so positive. Staff were always friendly and helpful. B’s key worker Shez has been friendly and B clearly likes being with her.

As a family we have made a special bond with Michelle. Becca has been lovely during the relocation process and nothing has been too much trouble.

We recommend the nursery because both of our children and us have had a very positive experience with Little Dragons nursery. Our children have really enjoyed their days at the nursery and we have always felt confident leaving the children in their care.

We are just sad that we can’t take the nursery and staff to Devon with us!